Lightbox Evolution v1.6.11

Lightbox Evolution

Lightbox Evolution is a tool for displaying images, html content, maps, and videos in a “lightbox” style that floats overtop of web page. Using Lightbox Evolution, website authors can showcase a wide assortment of media in all major browsers without navigating users away from the linking page.

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The Vidley – Press75 Premium Video Theme

The Vidley - Press75 Premium Video Theme
Another quality video centric theme built with the modern video blogger in mind.

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MultiMedia Reloaded – Blog, Video, Photography

MultiMedia Reloaded - Blog, Video, Photography
This WordPress Theme comes with all layered psd files, a visual help guide and is fully localized ready for you to translate it into your target language. A Parent theme with child themes for stress free theme updates. Create your own child theme or modify one of the ones provided, easy media embed method – with custom shortcodes in the post content area or use a media plugin of your choice. Feature any post, in any category – the easy way – just make them sticky!

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AutoTubePress: Youtube Autoposting WordPress Plugin

AutoTubePress: Youtube Autoposting WordPress Plugin
In Less Than 60 Seconds, AutoTubePress Builds High-Quality, Traffic-Getting, WordPress Video Blogs That Grow on 100% Autopilot…

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The Archer WordPress Video & Movie Player

The Archer WordPress Video & Movie Player
It happens all the time. I go to a well designed website and there starring me back in the face is one of Adobe’s stock flash video players or worse an embedded YouTube video ruining the whole design. That’s why I built this video player—A custom stock video player that can blend with your design and be reused over and over.

I wanted to build something that I could upload to my site and use over and over again on my WordPress blog. By utilizing flashVars (variables defined in the embedding code) the file can be reused with different video files, formats, and made to be unique to each post or to each blog. Also, included is a robust help file to help get you embedded in WordPress or any web page for that fact. Plays any video codec Flash Player can play (h.264, flv, mp4, f4v, m4v, mov, etc).

If you’re looking for a video player that isn’t just a regular old stock player and looks amazing look no further.

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The Video Flick 2.4 WordPress Theme

The Video Flick WordPress Theme
Video Flick is not your average WordPress theme. With several customization options, Video Flick is the perfect all-around video and blogging solution. The all new Video Flick theme features a “gallery” style design which gives your users access to more content on one page in an appealing and efficient way.

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VodPod Free WordPress Theme

Not a Vodpod user… not a problem. The Vodpod WordPress theme works perfect as a stand-alone theme as well and is packaged with all the same video publishing tools that power my other Video centric themes. These tools include the “Simple Video Embedder” and “Simple Post Thumbnails” plugins which can be used to publish any video format with ease. The Vodpod theme also includes several exclusive sidebar widgets for managing advertisements and featured content.

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The Video Elements WordPress Theme

Video Elements has been re-designed and re-built from the ground up providing you with the features you need to easily run and maintain any video centric website. Easily publish any embeddable video format as well as high quality post thumbnails in seconds, and seamlessly blend non-video posts as well. Customize your logo, featured content options and more with a brand new theme options page. In short, Video Elements pretty much does it all and makes is easy at the same time.

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TvElements WordPress Theme by Press75

Display any number of featured videos which can now be played directly within the content carousel on the home page. TV Elements also has a brand new feature that allows you to configure and display up to 12 “channels” on the home page which is basically a new visual way of representing your top categories. Each “channel” automatically displays the thumbnail from the latest post added to that category. If you like widgets… TV Elements allows you to configure any number of “widgets” on the home page, multi-post pages, single post pages and page pages. TV Elements comes with several custom widgets which allow you to add even more featured content, sidebar ads and related posts anywhere within the widgetized areas.

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On Demand Video Theme by Press75

Inspired by, the On Demand theme provides a fully featured Video solution.

Post Thumbnails and Videos in a Matter of Seconds

With the all new On Demand theme, getting thumbnail images and videos posted to your WordPress powered website is easier than ever. The days of copying embed code and adding custom fields are over with the brand new “Simple Post Thumbnails” and “Simple Video Embedder” WordPress plugins included with the theme. Video Flick is compatible with any video service that provides embed code, or if you want to host your own videos, On Demand is also compatible with FLV (Flash Video) and Quicktime formats.

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