PopupDomination – WordPress Plugin

PopUp Domination Plugin

We all know email marketing is by far the most important aspect of any internet business. Top entrepreneurs make more money every year from promoting other peoples products to their list then selling their own products. PopUp Domination aims to fast-track you to internet marketing success. Why should you have to wait months and years to build your list using traditional methods when you can get an instant explosion of mailing subscribers

Introducing The New Stand-Alone Version.

You can now insanely increase opt-ins on ANY website. It as simple as adding one line, yes one line, of code to the page you which to display PopUp Domination on. It includes all the same features as the WordPress plugin.

Still on WordPress, Now Feature Packed.

We’ve listened and we’ve worked damn hard. Theres more themes, more options and more functionality. Check out the video above for a complete run down of the new features!

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wpLapdance – WordPress Exit Pop Plugin

wplapdance wordpress plugin
Ridiculously Simple Plug-In Takes Just 4 Minutes To Set Up & INSTANTLY Turns Any WordPressTM Site Into A Cash-Spitting ATM Machine.

Is The WP LapDance Plug-in Easy To Use? You Bet! 
Just 3 Easy Steps To Get Started!


  1. Install the plugin just like any other WordPress plugin – Point and click… It’s so easy a 6 year-old could do it!
  2. Decide whether you want to have text, an image, a clickable image, or even a video as your pop-up message… No more plain grey pop-up boxes (unless you want one). With WP Lapdance, you can insert whatever you like into your pop-up message using HTML.
  3. Save your selection and WP LapDance goes to work making you money right away!


So, What’s So Great About WP LapDance? Haven’t Exit Pop-Ups Been Around For A Long Time?


  • WP LapDance is NOT just a boring grey box like most exit pop-up scripts (of course, you can use the grey box exit pop-up if you want…)
  • You can also choose to insert images, clickable images, and even VIDEOS into your exit pop-up box! (This is revolutionary technology that’s seen nowhere else!)
  • WP LapDance is easy-to-use… You simply point and click to configure the plug-in
  • WP LapDance does NOT interfere with your user’s experience and it’s only activated when someone goes to leave your Worpress site. Simple navigation within your WordPress website will NOT trigger the exit pop-up. This prevents you from irritating your visitors or preventing them from enjoying and interacting with the content on your website.
  • This plug-in was specifically created for WordPress sites unlike all the other exit pop-up scripts that are made for single action sites like squeeze pages or sales letters… Installation is quick and painless just like any other Worpress plug-in
  • WP LapDance is virtually unblockable which means EVERYONE that leaves your site will get to see your exit pop-up… This mean more sales and opt-ins which equals CASH in the bank!

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