wpLeadsEngine – Lead Generation WordPress Theme With Built-in PPC Campaign Builder!

wpLeadsEngine | Local Lead Generation WordPress Theme With Built-in PPC Campaign Builder!

First of it’s kind local lead generation theme- Built-in PPC campaign builder! A complete ready to use lead generation business model for instant, sellable online leads! Including company site template, email templates and company brochure to approach clients.

The way the WPLeadsEngine WordPress Theme is crafted allows you to instantly tweak and adjust your home page using the tools provided in the Dashboard.

the home page is made of 4 editable content boxes that can contain HTML or Text, including videos, contact forms or whatever else your imagination can muster.

The lead generation process works in three simple steps and each step has its own custom template – change it to whatever you like to build the perfect lead generating funnel for your site.

If you can fill in the blanks you can create a perfect, highly targeted website in a matter of minutes. Either use the targeted, prefilled copy I’ve developed – proven landing page copy that sells – or go through and tweak it for your own needs.

Adjust the content and you’re set to upload and watch your site as it draws LOCAL leads in any niche you’ve targeted.

The WPLeadsEngine WordPress theme is built with PPC advertisers in mind. Thinking of sending paid traffic to your new site but not sure how to tweak your site for quality scoring?

Forget about it – WPLeadsEngine is optimized to allow the addition of dynamic keyword insertion to your boxes. You can tweak your website to show only the keywords you’ve targeted, creating a perfect landing page concoction.

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