AmaNiche – Automated Amazon Niche Sites Plugin

amaniche wordpress

WPAmaNiche Plugin is one of the great product that help you to turn your wordpress blog into your Own Amazon Niche Website. With WPAmancihe you just enter your details, perform a search for products, decide which products you want on your site and select the timeframe over which the products would be posted on your site, and bumb you have great Amazon niche website on your wordpress blog.

We all know Amazon, it’s the biggest online retailer and it’s easy to become an affiliate for them. Think of all the niche markets you can build a site for. Just yesterday I sat down an hour and in that time I wrote down 30 niche ideas whilst browsing the Bestsellers of Amazon and using some free tools, I found 10 out of the ideas had searches in exact match of above 5000 a month and very low competition and there were .com and .net domain names free with the exact keywords.

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