PageLines Framework 2.3.8

Pageline Framework

Drag & Drop Design for Beautiful Websites
Use PageLines Drag & Drop Framework and WordPress to build professional websites faster, easier and better than ever before.

Version 2.3.8

  • BUGSUse enqueue properly.
  • COREBetter POSIX check, plus filter added to override ‘render_css_posix_’.

Version 2.3.7

  • COREUpdate Bootstrap core js.
  • COREUpdate css/less system to work with wp 3.5 MU sites.
  • COREMake pledit filterable. ‘pagelines_pledit_filter’
  • COREClear cache on sections dragged.
  • COREAttempt to clear super cache and w3 cache files on save.
  • COREAdded some debugging info.
  • BUGSUse clearfix() Fixes the 5px blank space bug.
  • BUGSNavbar fix on touchscreens.
  • BUGSFix PHP warning if sections plugin is not installed.
  • BUGSCPT post-meta options were being ignored.

Version 2.3.6

  • BUGSPlus themes bug fixed.
  • BUGSWatermark url if box is blank.
  • BUGSAdd locale to googlemaps shortcode.
  • BUGSNoposts section was not selectable in 404 page area.
  • BUGSremoved polylang check ( uses ICL code anyway ).
  • BUGSFix Pinterest button, props nick + mikey.
  • BUGSFix offset in grids props nick.
  • BUGSAdd CPT support to is_pagelines_special() and make filterable, props Evan.
  • COREUpdated plprint() and made it LESS friendly.
  • CORELESS_FILE_MODE is on by defualt now

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